There’s an old story of a couple in a restaurant on a warm summers’ day waiting for their dinner to be served.

As they sat waiting, they observed a fly inside the restaurant trying to escape to the outside. The fly kept banging against the window again and again.

Eventually, it got tired and fell to the floor and died. What the couple found strange was that just a few feet from the window the fly was trying to escape from was another window, but this one was open.

Had the fly just moved a few feet it would have found freedom. Business can be like that too.

Some entrepreneurs keep trying to breakthrough by repeating the same thing that never worked the first time, but they expect a different result.

For example, they might try Facebook Ads and fail again and again, but never seem to be able to get them to work.

If instead they took a step back and analysed what the problem is, they may find that they are just not connecting with their audience, or their idea of what their audience wants is different from what the audience actually wants.

It could even be that a better solution is to change platforms where you advertise.

My point is this. Sometimes you need to step back and review your strategy or get another opinion that might help you see things differently.


My warmest regards
Mark McRae

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