When I ask business owners what their strategy is to get to their goal, very few have a clearly thought out plan that they can articulate to me.

Some do have a strategy, but it seems to be lumpy or fuzzy at best.

Here’s the thing. In order to develop a good strategy, you need to spend time on it, and I don’t mean 30 minutes in between answering emails and phone calls.

It deserves at least one day a week just to think about it. Here’s why. Everything you will ever make in business is the result of your thoughts. That’s why it’s your highest, most important leverage point.

If you make a decision today, it might be six months before you see the results of that decision. You might commit to something that you never really needed, but it takes you three to six months to get yourself out of that situation.

My point is that the more thought you put into your strategy, generally the better it is.

If you can allocate a day a week or a good portion of a day per week just to thinking about, examining, brainstorming, and planning your strategy, the greater the chance you have of success.

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