strategic or tactical

Most businesses think they are strategic, but they are actually tactical. Strategy and tactics are big subjects but let me give you an example using an online business I worked with recently.

They built a sales funnel that sold a digital product. Once a client bought, they were presented with two up-sells and one down-sell depending on what combination they bought.

They thought they were strategic by offering the up-sells and down-sell, but really, they were just being tactical. The promotion broke even, and they stopped marketing that product. That’s tactical thinking.

Once I did some digging and found out what the lifetime value of a customer was, I explained that not only would they make money if they broke even on the front end, but they could comfortably lose a certain amount and still make money.

Not only that but by sending them a “Thank You” gift it allowed them to collect their physical address. I then designed a direct mail campaign that cost $5,000 and brought in $25,000 in the first month.

I could go on here about how I built out their business, but the point I want you to get is this. By thinking about the big picture in the lifetime relationship you can have with your client it will allow you to think more strategically.

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