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You know, when I work with business owners they all want to know how to increase their profits, or start building procedures and processes to get success, but there is one thing that is even more important than all of that.

Controlling your mind.

You see, I believe the single most important thing as a business owner has that will determine how successful you will be is the state of your mind.

You know when you are on form you can do anything. Things just don’t seem as hard, and you can move mountains if you need to.

Other times, you just don’t want to get out of bed, and you can barely face your staff. On those days you wish you could just stay at home.

That’s why I say success is 80% psychological. How strong or weak you feel, to a large degree, is in your head.

Here’s another interesting piece of information: Bombarding your mind with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media will mess with your head.

Marketers want to make you believe that they have the answer to why you are not where you think you should be, or they have the latest shiny object that will miraculously solve all your problems.

The end result is that you are listening to a babble of information that just confuses you. You listen to one guru who tells you one thing, and you go down that rabbit hole only to hear another guru, five minutes later, tell you something else and you follow him down that rabbit hole.

It’s no wonder so many business people find themselves depressed, and feeling lost and alone.

Guard what goes into your mind.

Social media is not reality. Your life is reality, and they are two entirely different things.

Make a conscious decision to filter the time you spend on social media. Only go there if it’s for business and then go in, do what you need to do, and leave.

I would go as far as to say that even the type of movies and TV you watch will influence you. How many good news stories do you see on the news? Not many, because tragedy gets higher ratings.

That’s why all movies have a parental rating, so that parents can judge if a movie is appropriate. Why is that? It’s because showing a child an inappropriate movie can mess with the child’s head and give them nightmares and can have a psychological impact on them.

Well, it’s the same for us, but we have just become so dulled to the misinformation and things that are ultimately not good for us, we don’t even recognise it when it’s in front of us.

My message today is this: Just be careful what you allow into your mind. As a business person, you want to be on top form physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Each of those three fundamental building blocks to a happy life requires you to be aware of what you feed them.

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  1. Marcia Muller


    Too true, I still battle to figure out what I want though!

    That’s why I say success is 80% phycological. How strong or weak you feel, to a large degree, is on your head. – should this not read: in your head?

  2. forte

    Haѵing read this I thougһt it was really enlightеning.
    I аppreciate you finding the time and energy to put this short аrticle together.
    I once again find myself spending way too mսch time ƅoth reading and posting comments.
    But so what, it was still woгth it!

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