The first transaction you make when you buy something is actually psychological, not monetary.

The more you get to know someone the more you trust them and value their opinion.

In fact, if you look at any of the social media influencers you follow you will probably find that you agree with their philosophy to a degree, otherwise why would you listen to them.

If they have had a big influence on you or you have changed your behaviour because of them, it demonstrates just how important that psychological connection is.

Once you have made that emotional connection, it’s easier for business to be transacted.

Think about this – Kylie Jenner is officially the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, according to Forbes’ and Bloomberg’s calculations.

She only has to Tweet that she is not using Snapchat and effects their stock price.

Love them or hate them influencer marketing is playing a bigger and bigger part of how brands position themselves.

What more could you be doing to become the trusted advisor of your client and gain their loyalty?

Warmest Regards

Mark McRae

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