Big Results Fast

The Romans were famous for building straight roads. They did this because it allowed them to move their armies, people and goods around faster and reduced the possibility of them being ambushed.

Years later in business people would say, “The fastest way from point A to Point B is a straight line.”


In business, the idea was to focus on your goal (Point B), and head directly for it. No detours, just focus all your energy and resources on moving forward to your goal.

Well, that’s kind of changed now with technology and the availability of information.

The new way of thinking is to forget the line between Point A and Point B and just go directly to B.


Just a few decades ago, it was unusual to see a company with a Billion dollar valuation. Now people are talking in Trillions. Apple was first followed by Amazon.

Not only that, but to build a Billion Dollar company used to take a very long time. Now there are many companies that have hit the Billion mark in under three years – think Airbnb.

So how do you apply that to your business? Well, think of the biggest, hairiest, most audacious goal you can think of. Let’s say it’s to increase your current turnover by at last ten time.

What would you need to do to make that happen?

Maybe you have 100 leads a day coming into your pipeline that generate X. What would you have to do to make that 1000 leads?

Don’t think of incremental growth. Think, “How do I jump from X to Y in a matter of days?”

The obvious answer might be to spend more on acquiring leads, but maybe not. Maybe it could be a Joint Venture. Maybe it could be finding a new market for your product or service. Maybe it could be selling more to your existing customers. Maybe it could be licensing.

The possibilities are endless. Remember this: The biggest blockage in your growth as a business person can sometimes be your own limited thinking.

Get together with some of your associates and brain storm some ideas for rapid growth or join a mastermind group. The more brain power you can get in there the better.

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