We provide services which may require our customers to provide us with client’s password to access your software or Websites. We also will send to you your software codes by email. In either event you agree, acknowledge and understand that email is inherently insecure and may be compromised.

An email connects and passes through many routers and mail servers. Only then is it received by a recipient. During this process and after receipt, an email is vulnerable to both physical and virtual eavesdropping

You understand that current industry standards do not place emphasis on security as information is transferred in plain text, and during this process mail servers regularly conduct unprotected backups of the email that passes through, leaving a digital paper trail that can be easily inspected or compromised months or even years later.

You also understand that there is a risk, because the possibility exists that email can be read by any hacker or unauthorized person who gains access to any protected or unprotected router or storage system.

In order to minimize security risks, you may choose to communicate passwords via Telephone. In order to do so, you should bring this to our attention before you purchase any product off of our site.

You should then also inform us of your preferred telephone number.

Ours is:
For Attention: The Manager:

In any event, you acknowledge and agree that you will hold us harmless, against any and all damages, in the event an unauthorized person gains access to you site or product, regardless of mode of communication utilized or point of compromise.

To further minimize security risks, you also agree to change all passwords, over which you may have control, immediately upon us completing our services or delivering our product to you.

Changes to this Policy:

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes.